Privacy Policy

Techno facility is dedicated to protecting the security and privacy of our customers, staff members, and anybody else involved in our security guard services.

This privacy statement describes the methods by which we gather, process, share, and safeguard your data. By using our security services, you accept the conditions stated in this policy.

Data That We Collect:

  • We collect personal data that is required to provide our security guard services. This could involve, but is not restricted to
  • Address, phone number, and name are examples of personal information.
  • Documents of identity for background investigations.
  • Work experience and appropriate credentials.
  • Reports on security incidents and the supporting materials.
  • Location Information: We use the location information to lay it out as business data to the administrator. And we constantly improve the precision of location by processing the location data that we collect from the users. We further process them in improving the service under a constructive Research and Development by making the facts right with the user record.

How Your Information is Used by Us:

  • We utilize the data we've gathered for specific company uses, such as:
  • Evaluating and confirming our security personnel's qualifications.
  • Answering questions and increasing client communication.
  • Guaranteeing the safety and safety of our clients' properties.
  • Observing all applicable regulations and laws.

Information Exchange:

  • Your personal information is never traded or sold to outside parties by us. But we might divulge your details to:
  • Agencies of law enforcement when mandated by law or in reaction to an authorized court proceeding.
  • Manpower services are provided by our trusted partners and affiliates.
  • We employ outside service providers to carry out tasks for us, such as background checks.
  • Location Data: Real-time data will be shared and displayed to the admin on their dashboard to have a keener eye on the work activities. And the users’ data related to their motion activity will also be shared with the admin to maintain records that are accessible for the admin. It is to be taken into consideration that the location data will be shared continuously when the session is active irrespective of the application’s status. So, the user should be aware of the fact that the location and data related to the motion activity will be shared with the respective admin even if the application is not being accessed in the foreground.

Safety Procedures:

  • The protection of your data is our top priority. To guard against unauthorized access, publication, alteration, or destruction of data, we use industry-standard safety measures. Our employees receive ongoing training on security and privacy procedures.

Information Retention:

  • Except in cases where a longer retention time is mandated by law, we only keep personal information for as long as is necessary to achieve the goals specified in this privacy policy.

Your Decisions:

  • You are entitled to see, update, or remove your data. Please email to our Privacy Officer if you would want to exercise these rights or if you have any questions about how your data is handled.

Privacy Policy Modifications:

  • This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect modifications to our operations or for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Any updates to this policy will be announced on our website, therefore we recommend that you check it often.


  • You agree to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy by using our security guard services.

Details of Contact:

  • Please send an email to to contact our Privacy Officer with any queries or worries regarding our privacy policy.
  • We at Techno facility are committed to upholding the strictest security and privacy guidelines. This privacy statement reaffirms our dedication to openness and the careful management of personal data in the delivery of manpower service.